Sunday, July 29, 2007

Your Spitty Baby

Some pregnant ladies are all about the childbirth classes. I, for one, focused on the childcare classes. I figured (rightly so) that I would be surrounded by medical professionals when the time came. When we came home with the kid, however, all bets would be off.

I also indulged in a few childcare books. Sheryl gave me the apparently government mandated What To Expect In the First Year Book (which she scored at Goodwill for $1), but the book I bonded with the most was Your Happy Baby. The subtitle of YHB is, Massage, Yoga, Aromatherapy And Other Gentle Ways to Blissful Babyhood. I know, I know: it just screams Flakey. I surprised myself, however, with how much difference the aromatherapy advice made, at least to me and Mike if not to the kid. Also, the baby massage techniques, while not having the dramatic results described in the book, were helpful to a 40 year old woman who had never even played with dolls much less babysat. I needed advice on and permission to handle my kid and the book made some good suggestions.

So when Donny was fussy tonight--one hour after a bottle and 20 minutes after a nap, I decided to try Tiger in the Tree pose. This is where you hold your baby on his stomach with one wrist between his legs and that hand on his belly, the onter wrist alongside his neck, hand spread out over his chest. From there you swing him gently back and forth. It worked really well and he quieted right down. And then he spit up at least 1/2 a bottle's worth of formula, all over me, himself and the kitchen floor.

Parents; don't let your kids overdrink, liquor or Enfamil.

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A & G & Stella Dot (and poodles, too) said...

Did it come out his nose? There is nothing quite so pathetic as a baby with curdled milk pouring out of his little nose...