Sunday, October 14, 2007

Can't Sleep--Urologist Will Get Me

I am typing ever so quietly--as of 2 days ago, Donny decided that he doesn't like to sleep. I suppose I would be wary as well if I went to sleep and woke up without a foreskin, but he really spoiled us prior to this with about 4 solid months of sleeping thru the night. We've tried drugging him with Enfamil, which used to work but now, not so much. Also, the idea of having to feed him to get him to sleep--let's just say there are lots of food issues from my side of the family that I'd like to avoid with the boy. Last night when Mike was taking his turn at walking Donny around, I Googled, "When Can You Spoil" with "Baby" and the two coherent advice column type pages I found both said, "You can't spoil a baby! That is until he's 6 months old." Thanks, pal. Tonight I ended up rocking him in his stroller for about an hour an a half. The first half of that he was so happy to be up and playing with his feet that he just sat there with this wild grin on his face. Crazy kid.

But what you really want to know, probably, is what happened with his operation. The operation was a success, tho the anesthesiologist had to put the fear of God into us about the fact that Donovan had had croup and thus may have a reaction to the anesthesia and it might be bad but it was our call. After the spinal tap fiasco I was a little more prepared and tossed her, "you're the professional. If he was your son, what would you do? Professionally speaking, of course..." And, of course, she did not give a straight answer. Sigh.

It was same day surgery so we got to take him home--and we were out of the hospital by about 1pm. He was pretty groggy for a little while but then back to his old, smiley self. Mike had taken off of work so I was actually able to take a nap. It was the first nap in over a week without me having to worry about my son being in or going to a hospital. It was very nice.

I have another story related to all of this but I'm going to play it coy. I'm baiting Sheryl, trying to lure her out of her mansion for a coffee klatch and this story is my bait. Well, this story and the kid. Stay tuned...

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alienspice said...

oooooh! you saucy wench!
today won't work---I have a meeting with THE MOTHER OF THE BRIDE (not that one, a new one)
but perhaps tomorrow. I'll have my
girl call your girl.