Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Honorary Baby Buckeye

Mike, Donovan and I made another one day trip to Ohio to see my family and I have to give Donny the Best Baby Ever Award. He was heroically happy and cute for everyone we had to visit, including my Dad in a nursing home and my Aunts across town. He had a grand time at the nursing home as my Dad is on oxygen and the oxygen pump not only has a clear plastic hose but it also makes noise--fascinating. The visit with my Dad was difficult as he is currently without a hearing aid. Even so, it was obvious he was happy to see his namesake and we were happy to see that he's doing better than he was when he was checked in.

I'm not sure what I looked like when we finally got over to my Mom's family's place but the first thing my Aunt Carolyn said to me was, "This must be a tough visit this time--you look exhausted." Well, I've never been accused of having a poker face. Again, Donny made with the cute for them. He also discovered, as I did many years ago, that their house is perfect for running around. He did laps around the first floor, stopping every now and then to smack on his reflection in the mirror on the living room door.

I will mention too, tho it probably goes without saying, that my Mom was over the moon to have her grandson in proximity. This woman was made to be a grandmother and I will probably spend a few centuries in purgatory for making her wait as long as I did. Donny is still very much an action baby but he's been getting more affectionate in the past couple of weeks. He did let her hold him--not as much as she would have liked but more than last time--and he gave her a few hugs as well.

If he's this good now, I can only imagine how badly he'll act out when he hits puberty.

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