Sunday, July 12, 2009


I have to fess up to being a bad mom. Well, not bad, per se, but impatient. For a few weeks now I have been stifling my jealousy as I hear parents of kids my kid's age or YOUNGER talk about all the talking their kids are doing. I know that every child grows and his/her own pace and, yes, I have heard that Einstein did'nt talk until he was four, but I think I've pretty much maxed out my interest in the Guess Why I'm Grunting game. I'm ready to communicate with Donovan on the next level.

So imagine how pleased I was when I came upstairs to put him to bed and Mike met me at the top of the stairs, "I don't think I'm imagining it or exaggerating this: I took off his shirt and said 'That's sticky' and he said, 'Thicky.'" So I asked Donovan if he was sticky and, clear as a bell, he said "Thicky."

What's the URL for the Fulbright website? I need to fill that thing out pronto!

Joking aside, it was a great weekend for Donovan advancements:

* He's started imitating Mike whenever Mike blows his nose.
* He's been singing some song and doing this little hand jive to go along with it. We have to remember to ask his teachers what that is.
* He noticed that his graham crackers are shaped like teddy bears. Now he kisses the first few that he eats and lines up the others like its some little dessert parade.
* He's trying to put his own socks on. The one thing he's missing is that they open up for the foot. He can't quite grasp that yet.
* When we went to the museum on Saturday he ran straight for the door.

Alright, none of this is really overwhelming in and of itself. All together tho, it was a fun weekend watching a happy boy enjoy running around, teasing his parents and just having a good time.