Friday, December 4, 2009

The Tools Make the Man

So last night I had a lovely dinner with Sheryl--and upon coming home was immediately wracked with chills and a variety of other types of "discontent." While the rest of the evening and most of today were unpleasant, it was actually a relief: I'd spent the majority of my work day wondering if that nervous breakdown I've been trying to outrun had gained on me. Turns out it was just a fever! Hooray for fevers!

Since I was out of commission, Mike took Donny to Light Up Night in Polish Hill. The kid came home sucking on a candy cane and carrying a present from Santa. The label on it said "BOY 3+" Now how did Santa know that? Anyhow, Donny was all excited to see that he got a set of Real Fake Power Tools! We didn't take them out of the box yet as he was more excited to see that I'd made him a big bowl of pasta. Tomorrow, tho, we'll start working on that Real Fake Deck I've been wanting.

Joking aside, I was sorry I missed Light Up Night here in the Hills of Poles. Sounds like it was nice and nicely done.

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