Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving and The Weekend Before

WOW, its been awhile and so much has happened! We went for a same day trip to Elyria to see the old folks. Mike and I had been waiting for us both to have 2 free days off in a row. When that did'nt happen for 7 MONTHS we decided the hell with it and left Saturday morning and came back Saturday night. This was the weekend before thanksgiving so luckily the traffic was on our side. We had a good visit, although Donovan started to break out in hives while at my Mom's house. I have a feeling it was less about the cat and more about the Glade airfreshener my sister was spraying around. We also got to see the Aunts. Photos below:

Then, of course, was thanksgiving. We spent that here with Mike's family. Aunt Claire and Aunt Heather made the trip from NYC and Donovan picked right up where he left off with them. After 10 minutes of fussing, that is. Sadly, no photos from that visit. We were all too fixated on the turkey.

Today is day #3 in the 4 day weekend. Mike has to work so its just Donny and me. So far today we have made the first paperchain of the season (Donny stopped it short. He doesnt understand his mother's obsession with making the Longest Paperchain In The World. But it was a good start.) We also had Baby's First Jiffy Pop, which I found at the Shur Save in Bloomfield. Shur Save is odd, first of all in the fact that you Shur Don't Save. Its not exactly inexpensive, which is strange because its kind of crappy. That being said, they had all sorts of stuff you can't find at Giant Eagle: penny matches, Jiffy Pop Popcorn, Fels Naptha Laundry Soap and Washing Soda. Just to name a few.

Now I'm typing this up while Donovan plays with his gears downstairs. Little does he know that a nap is coming his way. I hope he's enjoying his limited window of independent play...


sheryl said...

LOVING that sweater!!
also, so glad you found the washing soda. I know that's been an issue for a while.

Anonymous said...

aw, so cute! didn't know they still made jiffy pop!