Monday, March 28, 2011

Well, Hello There...

...And here we are at the end of March.

I certainly did'nt mean to leave this blog doubleparked like I did.  The world just sort of fell apart for awhile.  It started with me contracting pneumonia and then our computer dying.  Both the PC and I have been resuscitated to varying degrees of functionality so lets try this again.

In the past two months, Donny has GROWN.  And this is not just in the where did those long legs come from? department.  Literally overnight, he went from just scribbling to actually trying to draw things.  Also, he completely freaked me out when I gave him a pen and paper, left the room, came back in and found that he had written his entire name, "Donovan Victor Shanley."  Craziness!

His 4th birthday is next week and he is not having an actual party, mainly because his Mom is a loser but also because I just can't figure out how to do it--invite some of the kids from his class? All of them? Have it here? If not, where? We did, however, have a "practice birthday" at his grandparents' house--Donny's Uncle, Aunt and Cousin were in from Denver and so a party was had. Below are photos--I told you he grew...

Uncle Pete is sharing space on the cake due to his recent birthday

Lincoln Logs!  Note the dinosaur investing some sweat equity into his new home.

Uncle Tom watching Donovan draw a portrait of him.  Note the uncanny resemblence.

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