Friday, February 10, 2012

Art in the Neighborhood

So, yes, its been awhile.  And I keep thinking, "I need to update the blog."  And I never do.  So I'm just going to hop right in so as to Get. It. Done.  We can be retrospective later, d'accord?

Terry from the Polish Hill Civic Association very kindly sent a Facebook reminder to me about the Grand Opening party for Little House Big Art, an art/crafts space located (it turns out) in the fabulous old Emma Kaufmann Clinic building right here in lovely Polish Hill.  I was hoping we could go but had no great expectations as today was not only piano lesson day—it turned out to be the day the bus to the piano lesson NEVER SHOWED UP.  That all worked itself out and, to my surprise, Donny liked the idea of going to “a party for an art space” and we just took the 54D straight there after his lesson.

I don’t know enough about Little House Big Art to go into much detail but the little bit I found out, I like.  The gal who put it together did so with much experience with arts and kids.  It also sounds like she has a good business sense and took the time and effort to make a solid, sustainable business plan.  Which is good, because I want them to be around for a while.
The open house was just that, with the craft supplies and tools being thrown open to any yahoo who came by.  We were there probably about an hour or so, during which time, Donny made a valentine for my Mom, a birthday card for my sister and three buttons, which you will see him modeling in the photos that follow.  There were other enticing things like stacks of really nice fabric, a sewing machine (“Look!  People can make clothes!”), a huge basket of yarn and a literal apothecary of beads and buttons.

Consider stopping by and checking it out!  If you are anything like me and are hiding your incredibly shy real self behind both a façade of bravado and a strategically placed adorable child, you will not be called out and you will be made to feel welcome.  It was a lovely time. 

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