Monday, April 28, 2008

Oddly, His Mother Hates Musicals...

Last night, Mike and I were ganging up on the boy, getting him undressed and ready for his bath in the sink. He was lecturing us with his usual, "Da da DA DA DA! Da." Then he said "Da da TA!" This was the first time either Mike or I had heard the T sound coming from the boy. The rest of the night was us trying to get him to say, "Ta Da!" I personally would consider a firm, "Ta Da!" said with conviction and verve, to be an acceptable first word.

My first word, apparently, was "Duck." I've always liked to think of a sort of WWI Trench Warfare scenario; "So I was shooting my tommy gun into all the jerrys when the baby yelled "Duck!" How did she know that grenade was coming over? That kid saved my life!"


catherine said...

Hi Jennie,

I love your Blog. So funny. Your sister-in-law, Claire told me to have a peak, et voila. It's fabulous and Donovan is ever-so CUTE. I have a very big 9 month old girl so I know how it feels, I guess.

keep up the good work.


A & G & Stella Dot (& poodles, too) said...

Make sure that Donovan makes sparkle hands when he says that first "Ta Da!"