Sunday, April 6, 2008

Worlds Collide! (In a Good Way)

Today was Donovan's first birthday party. Mike and I wanted to have a party for the boy but moreso for all the folks who have helped him (and us) through his first year. This is something I'd thought about for a long time--we have been, after all, the recipients of much love, help, free stuff, food, and good wishes. Where some people have grandiose plans for baby birthday parties involving pony rides and "balloon artists" my grandiose plan was to invite everyone who had been at my shower and the folks at Mike's store who always check on him and, and, and...

Who knew the kid's birthday would roll around at the. worst. possible. time?

It all worked out for the best on a number of levels, not the least of which was the folks who could and did show up were a great cross section of people who either had never met or never really get to see one another very much. And as much as I wish my Ohio family could have made it, Mike's Mom and Dad were there and I was very happy to show them off to everyone. Donny got some great stuff, got fussed over and had a whole room of people sing to him. There were a couple of fussy moments but, really, he was a good boy. So good in fact that, when it came time for him to put his hands in the cake, he wouldn't do it.
Not at first. I thought he would be shoving cake up his nose and in his ears again but I guess what happens at daycare stays at daycare. There were a couple times that I got rattled--once when I asked Mike to make a bottle and then almost immediately asked him to pass out cake. Pop Shanley ran interference on that one. Its no wonder that marriage is going 50 years strong.

There was a time when I would give parties so big that you could feel the floor heave. These were not keg parties either, my friends. These involved salmon stuffed deviled eggs, wonton cups with Thai curry chicken and lets not forget the champagne. I think we threw down a nice party today but, dang. I need insoles or something! I'm wiped out. Happy, but wiped out.


A & G & Stella Dot (& poodles, too) said...

Glad to hear that the party was a success. Sorry to hear it came at a price. Hope that your worst. possible. time. gets better. soon.

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