Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I had a night out with Aunt Shirley on Monday. It started at The Red Room to which I keep giving chances not to be ridiculous and which keeps being ridiculous. Any appetizer that includes a plastic syringe of hot sauce is JUST TRYING TOO HARD. Really: calm down, already!

ANYhow, we went to the New Hazlett Theatre to see Peter Murphy. I contend he is my generations Goth Tom Jones and he certainly worked that angle. And I mean that in the best possible way. And I should know as our seats were in the sweeeet third row. Really, really good seats. The man is such a great singer that I suspended all disbelief (tho the early era Bowie mime moves were a bit much).

When Mike dropped me off to meet Sheryl he noticed that I had forgotten my wedding ring. "What are you guys?" he asked setting up the best joke of the night: "A couple of Goth Cougars?"


But back to the boy: he had a busy weekend which, unfortunately, coincided with more teething. His aunt, uncle and cousin were in from Denver and they were all very geeked to see him. Jack, his cousin, is 9 and, from what his mom says, is very excited about Donny. It made it all the more sad when Jack set off fireworks for Donovan and it scared the bejesus out of the kid. Susie says Jack's fine and I hope he is. The look on his face tho, when Donny started to cry--ooooh, I felt so bad for the kid!

Mike took the week off to have a "staycation," which is when you stay at home during your vacation to get stuff done. He's been doing a great job with that and the bonus is when I'm done with work, I don't have to wait for him to get done. That means we were done with stuff early enough to have a picnic, baby's first. We ate O Fries in the new park between the Carnegie Library and Hillman Library. The Krishnas were there drumming and chanting and Donny got to run around in the grass in his bare feet. Perfect way to end the day.


alienspice said...

awwww, baby's first picnic and baby's first kirtan all in the same day! how sweet.


Obviously I thought of you. I told Donny, "If Aunt Shirley were here, she'd teach you all the words." Mike said there were'nt that many words to teach but I'm sure its not as simple as it looks on paper...