Saturday, June 7, 2008

So Very Sweaty...

What you see above, gentle readers, is what I got my son at the Melwood Avenue Multiple family yardsale. FOR $3. AAAAANNNND: they delivered it, plus the insane cast aluminum and glass bakeware set. But back to the drums: $3!?!?! I know Donny won't be able to use them for years but, I'm sorry, it had to be done. I kept thinking of the clip of John Bonham's son from The Song Remains the Same. Time to start training that baby hair into a mullet!

So, yeah: today was Babyday and it went much, much better than last week. Which is surprising as both yesterday and today were scorching, horrid hot. Donny and I started the day by visiting the yardsale which, despite the drums and the bakeware, was'nt all that. Still, it was a good excuse to go to the "other" end of Melwood and make nice with some of those neighbors. Donovan, of course, was ooohed and aaahed over. He almost got a free little plastic racecar as a bribe to stop crying but he pushed it away in a fit of tiredness. We came home, I gave him a bottle and he fell asleep in his crip. When I woke him up an hour later I thought for sure his diaper had sprung a leak but, no, the huge babysized wetspot on the sheet was just sweat. With that in mind, I changed his clothes, fed him and then we went in search of airconditioning.

Our first stop was the library (tho the bus itself was gloriously cool). We hung out in the children's room, which I had fully expected to be full of kids and parents beating the heat like we were. It was actually sort of empty so we took over the toys and the couch. There were a few other mouthbreathers there so Donny got to socialize. We stayed there about an hour, hour and a half, checked out a book called Astro Bunnies, and then went to our secret hideaway, The Frick Fine Art Building. I tried again to take photos of Donovan in front of the fake art, this time with slightly more success:
My actual goal was to kill enough time for us to meet Mike at Whole Foods, which we did. From there we got some subs (cause ain't nobody in this house cookin'. Not in this heat...) From there we drove home and, getting out of the car, we got an invite yelled to us from our nextdoor neighbors to come join their daughter's graduation party. After 7 years here you'd think we'd know more folks but we don't and this seemed like a good opportunity. We changed the boy into his pjs and went over. They have a wonderful deck and pool and the party was in full swing. Again, Mr. Popularbaby went over very well. Our neighbor Nancy kept trying to get me to put Donny's feet in the pool but I did'nt feel I would be able to hold onto him well if I did. He did, however, get to play with a Yorkie puppy--his first real puppy interaction--and that was great.

Now the kid's asleep and I have to pack. We're going to visit my folks tomorrow. Mike and Donny are coming back tomorrow night but I'm staying for a few days. My sister's been in the hospital so I'm going home to help out--not sure how yet but off I go. Wish me luck!

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