Saturday, December 13, 2008

Donovan is Good Company

Baby Day was a resounding success. Being all alone with the boy on Saturdays can be dicey, especially on a day like today. I'm sure I could have left the house without sliding all the way down Herron Avenue on the thinnest glaze of black ice, but why risk it?

So we stayed home today. Donovan was in a really good, goofy mood all day, except for the very early meltdown which preceded an equally early afternoon nap. That gave me time to make pumpkin bread, vegetarian Shepard's Pie and, oh yeah: order lunch for myself so I would have time to work on dinner.

After Donny got up and had lunch I decided to reintroduce the fingerpaint.
Longtime readers will remember that the fingerpaint didn't go over too well the first time I tried it. I guess he's hit his fingerpaint developmental mark because he had a blast. That went so well that I cleaned him up and gave him the crayons I made for him (I melted down old regular crayons into mini muffin cups so they would be big enough for him to hold). Again, much success

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