Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shiny and New!

The new kitchen is well underway:

I really should have posted some "Before" images but, really, you don't want to see that mess. All dark brown and tan and dirty and old. What I can tell you ,tho, is that even in this zygote stage the kitchen is much, MUCH more enjoyable. Donny is enjoying the vast expanse of floor and has been doing this little tappity dance in the middle of the floor, under the shiny new light fixture.

Wednesday is the day when ALL THREE of the major appliances are scheduled for delivery. I'm also going to try and schedule the At Home Consultation with the Floor lady on Wednesday. Now, Tuesday I MIGHT make wallpaper day. I'm not sure if I'm feeling brave enough to do that but I just want to do the back wall and its such a small space. Also, I can't see how I could possibly make it worse. I'm trying to find a place that sells the vinyl paper that looks like anaglypta. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

alienspice said...

WOW! It already looks 1000 times brighter in there! congratulations.
can't wait for the new kitchen christening.....