Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Sold My Shoes/For a Bottle of Booze...

Oh, Hi! Been awhile, has'nt it?

Full disclosure: I'm drunk. Not sloppy. Just tipsy. And, if you are one of those people, I should reassure you that I only had two drinks and it was after the kid was asleep in his crib. I'm actually less appalled with my alcohol consumption and more ashamed of my crackers, cheese, wasabi almonds and tortilla chip consumption.

But there you go.

So, a little over 4 hours from now, I'll be getting up to go to work. I most certainly do NOT want to go to work. For one thing, I had to take Friday off to stay home with the kid. When I went to pick him up on Friday, I said, "See you tomorrow!" to Miss Colleen, who informed me that Little Friends was closed on Friday. Seeing as how we are short staffed in my department, this did not go over well and I am fully expecting the riot act to be read to me. Which is unfortunate as I need to ask my boss if I can leave at 3pm on Thurdays for 8 weeks in a row because, inexplicably, the summer sessions at Waldorf end at 4pm. Don't these people work?

But that's a whole other post.

Sometime when I'm not drunk I'll post some photos of Donny and I making Buttermilk Ginger Muffins, which is one of the things we did on Friday. I thought they were Meh but he got all excited about them. To the point where if I picked up the container they were in to make room at the table the tantrum would start and I'd have to give him one to shut him up. That's ok, tho: we are still in the Fattening Him Up phase, so bring it on.

Wow: typing while drunk requires alot of concentration. Maybe I'll cut my losses and save the rest for one of may many, many sober moments. Here's hoping you had a good weekend with picture postcard weather and a mostly happy toddler who has a dirty laugh.

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