Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dodging a Bullet/Taking One to the Head

This is a different entry than I thought I might be making, which is a good thing. Mike took his cat the the emergency vet today. I was amused just now in hearing Mike talk on the phone to the vet to see how Brisbane is doing, and hearing Mike say, "Well, he's a nasty old cat so if he's acting that way, that's good." Brisbane can be nasty and he is DEFINITELY old, at least 18 but probably older. He is at the vet's tonight on an IV and will have more tests done before we pick him up tomorrow. For those of you who have pets, you know the difference between the emergency vet and the normal vet is 24hr availability and several hundred dollars. After much deliberation, we made the same decision that we made for Nina last year, which was you get one expensive Hail Mary and, after that, fiscal responsibility must prevail. That we have funds available for this is amazing. That we are tapping into our savings makes me a little heartsick. But, its Brisbane, after all. Let's go to bat for him One. More. Time.

While Mike was camped out with Brisbane, Donny and I went to Phipps. It was a nice time but the boy was fussy all day and this evening was a series of screeching, flailing meltdowns. I was doing alright with the last one he had, right before dinner, until he slammed his head into the side of my face. Luckily Mike was there to take him off my hands. He finally calmed down enough to eat some pizza crust (Ah Pizza: the meal of parents with uncontrollable children..)and sleek. After dinner, he finally calmed down and even sat on his Dad's lap to listen to the rickety old Fischer Price musicbox recordplayer.Mike got babyduty tonight and, for being such a beastly baby earlier in the day, I could hear the two of them singing together and reciting poems. He was still singing in his crib at 10:30--a good 2 hours after we put him down to begin with. May He Wake Up Even A Fraction As Happy Tomorrow Morning, Pleasepleaseplease, Amen.

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