Saturday, May 15, 2010

Full Plate

We packed alot in today, Donny and I. First I dragged him kicking and screaming to the Children's Festival in Oakland. Belly Dancers, rock walls, balloon animals and what does my kid want to do? Play with gravel.


We got annoyed with each other so I sat with him on a bench in that little "parklet" for about 15 minutes and then tried again to get him over to see the drummers. That was'nt going to happen but the Mary Schenley Fountain was on and he very much liked that. They made some major repairs to it last year (or the year before) and now its in excellent shape and its bronze turtles are happily spitting for another season.

After he insisted on dipping his elbows in the water a few times we went across the street to the PNC Carousel. I've got mixed feelings about this carousel, mainly the whole PNC part of it. Still, they were having free rides today and after Donovan had said no to it about 8 times he started crying as we were walking away, so we got in line.

It was his first ever merry go round ride and he got to ride a big eyed baby seal:

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He liked it alot. So much so that he was very confused when the merry go round stopped. He did not want to leave his new best friend, The Seal, so we got immediately back in line. And for a kid who's never been particularly whiney, he kept whimpering, "I want the seal. I want the seeeeaaaaallll!" Of course someone else had taken the seal and there's a 45% chance I bodychecked this lady who was trying to put her kid on the giant rabbit. She gave me the right of way, however, so Donovan got to ride the bunny. Which he is still talking about hours after the fact:

Back home for a nap (for him, not for me, unfortunately) and then to meet Daddy at Whole Foods, with a stop on the way to buy hooch. While we were there, Donovan made another inanimate friend:

Finally, at Whole Foods, we found the kid some sunglasses. He is very excited to have them--so much so I had to strongarm them off of him to get the pricetags off the lenses.

And to think: one more day in the weekend!


kristaandjess said...

i loved the carousel, for the whole myriad of reasons a person loves a carousel. i love the pictures of donovan on it so much!

joven said...

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besszilla said...

i love these posts so much. but they do leave me a little confused. I look back in a homesick way for Pittsburgh and forward with great anticipation of my upcoming adventures with Henry.

Anonymous said...

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