Thursday, October 7, 2010

Surrender Donovan!

Donovan's last day at Waldorf was this past Friday. When I left the house that morning I thought, "I should take the camera" and then immediately thought, "Nah. No need." Which of course means there were photo ops galore. I was able to capture a few on my phone, including the inexplicable skywriting that happened while we were at the bus stop. It ended up saying "ALL SALES FINAL" and, try as I might, I could not get that once in a lifetime shot of my kid framed against the word FINAL in the sky. You'll see that I came close--does "fina" translate to anything?

The first day or two at Montessori were a rough transition for the boy but I did'nt get any calls from his teacher yesterday or today and that is a very good sign--his first day there she called to ask if he always cries that much...

Fall is officially here and with it came the realization that Donny doesnt really have enough longsleeved shirts or socks. Its been a mailorder bonanza at home but I also found some damn goofy polarfleece pants on a sale table at Whole Foods. They are now Donny's favorite piece of clothing as they are both soft and purple. And, truely, do you know how hard it is to find purple clothes for 3 year old boys? I feel like the Toddler Gods smiled upon us when I bought these. Of couse I had to put two darts in the waistband. The first day he wore them he'd turn to me about every 5 minutes and say, "Mama, wanna pull my pants up?" Not good when you are jumping off the big rocks:

It's only been a few days at Montessori and I could be reading too much into it but I really think Donovan is acting more like a big boy; he's talking more, just seems more engaged. I think being around older kids is good for him--even tho he has learned how to yell.,,

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