Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pictureheavy Update

Its been a busy couple of weeks--forgive the lack of action here at Donnycentral.

Below is a compendium of Donny photos with brief commentary. The only thing it doesnt really cover is Donovan's time at his new school. He's still getting used to things but so far, so good. I had to pick him up early last week and all the kids in class got up to give him hugs goodbye. I could tell part of it was an excuse for all the kids to jump up out of the reading circle and move around but alot of them seemed to genuinely like the kid--it did my old heart good.

So the photos. Here are a few of Donny drinking hot chocolate out of a little cup while wearing his Dad's big robe:

We've made a couple of trips to the Carnegie Musuem this month. Here is the kid looking thru the Henry Moore (?) in front of the Art Museum. There are more of these, if anyone needs 8 versions of Donovan sticking his tounge out:

Not having a daughter I thought I'd be spared this particular humiliation but I'm realizing my son will always look better in my hats than I will:

Posing at the well intentioned but disturbing pink fountain in front of the funeral home:

As you can see, Fall is getting off to a good start.

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