Saturday, May 14, 2011

Makes Perfect Sense to Me.

I realize that I'm way behind as far as this blog is concerned.  One thing to bring up, however, is that we have been continuing to work with a good number of kind and dedicated teachers and therapists where Donovan's developmental delays are concerned.  We recently took him for an updated diagnosis--actually, I shouldn't say "we" as I had to work so Mike took him.  The doctor there gave a diagnosis of Expressive Language Disorder, which does make sense.  We are going back next week for a follow up to get the more formal diagnosis. 

With that diagnosis in mind, among other things, I've been trying different ways to get Donny to have conversations with us.  He is getting better at it.  One of my favorite ones happened recently when we were riffing on something my Dad used to say to me all the time:

ME: Know what?
D: What?
ME: I love you!
D: I love you too.
ME: Thanks, Donny!  When you say that it makes my heart happy.
D: It makes my heart happy too. [Pause] It makes my circle happy.
ME: Your circle?
D: You like hearts--I like circles.


sheryl said...

perhaps your boy can make a million with a new hallmark holiday.

CindyK said...

Oh how precious. Out of the mouths of babes....