Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer in the City

 Sunday means a 2 hour wait for the bus.  That gave us time for some watercoloring.

 Then we took the bus to the Library to return our books.  There is also enough space there to play with the balsa wood glider without wires, cars or other impediments.

 It was officially hot today, so we packed the kid's bathing trunks and he (and I) splashed around in the Mary Schenley fountain. 

 After about an hour I could feel my face tightening and I remembered that I forgot sunscreen for both of us.  So we dried off and went into the Frick Fine Arts building to cool down.
 Back outside at the busstop, Donovan had to start climbing the base of the flagpole.
 Then we came home and much piano playing ensued.  And actual imaginative playing with toys!
"I'm taking apart your house, Bluebell--don't be scared!"

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