Monday, June 13, 2011

Somewhere To Sit

Last year, during what Pittsburghers have come to refer to as Snowpocolypse, a huge, thick sheet of ice collapsed the metal awning above our front door and smashed thru the steps below it.  I did a little surreptitious dance of joy because I'd always hated that lame excuse for a porch.  It wasn't so much of a porch as a stoop and who the hell carpets an outdoor stoop?  Imagine how happy I was when our insurance paid for the damage!

Now, after much life-circumstances-type delays, we are having a real porch built onto our house.  It will extend from the original stubby stoop length to big enough to call a porch length.  And it will be level.  Which will make our porch premium realestate in Polish Hill, where you can't set a drink on the ground without it slowly sliding downhill.

Neither Mike nor I can take any credit for the construction, which is being done by Val's Boyfriend Dave.  He just finished the actual decking portion of it and already I feel like its going to make our lives so much better.

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