Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let's Break Out the Booze and Have A Ball...

We took Donovan to Klavons today. If you've never been there, Klavons is great, not just for the atmosphere of the place but they are very generous with their hot fudge and they have flavored whipped cream. Mike got a Banana Split, I got a Hot Fudge Sundae with Strawberry Whipped Cream and Donny got a cup of Strawberry ice cream.

Which he wouldn't eat. So much for the eagerly anticipated Klavons debut.

Next, we took him to the park. He'd been sort of fussy and we thought we'd let him run around. Which worked alright, until we kept stopping him from running into the street. Apparently, the only direction that's good is forward. Turning around? Nothin' doin', no sir.

I might also mention that he wouldn't eat breakfast, he spurned the chicken salad he used to love at lunch and all he does with the big crayons I made him by melting regular crayons down in muffin tins is drop them on the floor.

I was pretty frustrated by the middle of the day--all week he's been refusing to eat the food I make him, getting whiny when I want him to hold my hand when we're walking, and he definitely thinks his empty yogurt cup is better company than his parents. Luckily, he ate alot of salmon at dinner and he was fun to play with after that. I was probably getting on his nerves too, what with my force feeding efforts and my unreasonable demands about not running into the middle of Forbes Avenue. I'm glad we were able to rally and end on an up note.


A said...

they still make candy cigarettes? i'm simultaneously shocked and oddly comforted.


The deal is, however, that they are NOT called "Candy Cigarettes" any more. They are "Candy Sticks." I'm sure if they could come up with a name that did not involve the word "candy" they would.

If LUPEC ever marches in a parade, that's the candy I want us to throw.

Erin said...

I just checked the blog. I'm happy to hear that at the end of the day Donovan was happy :) It sounds like he's had a rough week or so. I was particularly sad for both Jennie and Donovan about the spit up fiasco, but it's over. :) I love the pictures of Donovan even if he didn't eat his ice cream. Don't fret, Jennie. I think all kids are hardest on their parents (esp their moms). It means they love you more than anyone else. :)

How's the new teacher? I'm sure she loves Donovan. He's such an easy kid. When he's being ornery and whiny, remember he's one of the more laid back babies :)

Hoping to run into the Don soon....

Anonymous said...

oooh, the sweetest baby I have ever seen!!!!

best regards from sweden