Monday, August 18, 2008

Strange/Hysterical/Pathetic/Hard to Believe

Observances not worth a full entry on their own:

* Baby's first actual stop in his tracks moment hearing music: "Lazy" by Love and Rockets made him drop his block, run over to the CD player and cock his head toward the speaker. He did the same thing the next day with "You Are My Flower" by The Carter Family. Why those two? Dunno.

* I was complaining to Sheryl that Donovan cared more about his empty yogurt container than he did about his parents. She suggested I paint faces on the yogurt containers.

* If someone doesnt like you, the world's cutest boy child will not stop them from being a jerk.

* After Labor Day, Donny is moving over to The Toddler's Room at Daycare. He and his main man CJ are being moved over there together, which is good.

NOT RELATED: In looking for the link to "Lazy" I found this. The sound quality is pathetic, which is a shame but not really the point. Enjoy!


alienspice said...

I am so very proud of lil D for perking his ears up to Love and Rockets! I'll have to start exposing him to Sebastian Bach when you're not looking. ;)

Oh and PS...I'm not sure how I feel about the Bubblemen appearing on stage WITH Love and Rockets. It taints the mystery a bit for me.


Yeah, and whoever these new Bubblemen are, they need to get with the choreography program. They should have hired the surviving Pips or something. I'm pretty sure the Pips are from the Planet Girl...