Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In and Out the Window

Ah, the day before Thanksgiving: here at work (yes, I'm indulging in a quick worktime entry) I am the only one in the office today. That's fine with me as I have tons to do and I focus much better when left to my own devices.

Today is also Donny's last day at Eastminster. Its so bittersweet--I'm still pretty choked up about it all. Yesterday I brought home his blankets and his change of clothes. Ms. G. tried to give me his "portfolio" but no way I was carrying a three ring binder of photos and artwork in one arm while steering a stroller with the other. In the rain. Mike will pick that up today when he drops him off.

This weekend was pretty much a write off as Mike and I were both down with stomach plague. Even so, Donovan managed to have a good time. A few months ago I made him a fairly lame playhouse out of the box his big boy car seat came in. The first couple weeks or so he ignored it--now he plays in and with it EVERY DAY. We should be getting the kitchen worked this coming month and I can't wait to get new boxes for him--he's too tall to stand up in this one now.

Here's me and the boy. I'm still loopy from the stomach thing but, hey--the generic metrogel has the Rosacea under control!Was that Overshare? Sorry.


alienspice said...

wow! something about the flash in your glasses makes you all david bowie in that pic!
you kids have a great thanksgiving---tell elyria I said hi.


I wasnt really born with two different eyes. I was in a fight when I was younger and my right pupil doesnt can't dialate. Also, I'm good friends with Iggy Pop, whom I refer to as "James."