Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well Baby

Odd as it sounds, Donny and I had an idyllic morning at the Doctor's office today. He was in for a Well Baby visit and the photo above is him in the size XS hospital gown they gave him to wear. I felt like I was wrapping a doll house in a circus tent.

ANYhow, he fussed a little getting weighed and measured but, after that was done, he wanted to curl up in my lap and he actually ended up falling asleep. It was very nice to while away the morning, rocking my boy and waiting for the doctor to come in. Usually waiting for the doctor is annoying but, when you have a nice baby sleeping on you, its alright. He continued to sleep the entire time I was talking to Dr. Levine, who wisely examined him while he slept. He's not very good about stethescopes and earscopes but he slept thru that part too. We had to wake him up and hold him down for his shots but, even then, he calmed down almost immediately. We walked down the street and caught a 64A to Eastminster. During the ride we blew some polite raspberries at each other, looked out the window, pulled each other's hair and just had a nice time. He cried when I dropped him off but we got there right at lunch: meatballs, rice and pears--not bad for a baby.

Then I had to go to work. I really should have just called off for the whole day so I could do some winter babyclothes shopping. Alas.

BTW: Donovan is 20.8 lbs and 32 inches tall. He is STILL in the 5% of weight, meaning 95% of kids his age are bigger than him. We keep trying to fatten him up but to no avail.

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todd said...

polycose in the milk and butter in *everything*. :-)

that's what we did with agatha. the key, of course, isn't what percentile donovan is at right now, but what percentile he has always been at. if he was fifth percentile all along, then he's on his growth curve and there's really nothing to worry about. if he was at 50th percentile and now is at 5th, then that's worth putting some butter on!

agatha was about 25th percentile at birth but at one point right after she weaned and had been ill was at 7th percentile. the polycose and butter pushed that right back up.