Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just One More Day!

The above title is a plea, not an exclamation. Sunday night is the worst because I'm prepping for a work week but thinking about all the stuff I could get done on Monday if I did'nt have a job to go to.

This is not to say I did'nt get alot done, due largely to my husband taking Donovan to the library for a couple of hours. In the time they were gone I:

* Made a buttload of Vanilla Scented Granola (yes, that's what its called)
* Made a buttload of Potato Leek Soup
* Put away a buttload of clean laundry, mine and that of my son.
* Noticed the snow, grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the last good rosebuds off my John Clare Rose Bushes. I also culled some very, VERY dark purple hydrangas. So very goth.
* ate some candy
* cleaned out a buttload of old magazines, empty kleenex boxes and 3 jars of Vicks Vapo Rub from under our bed.
* rearranged the nursery for the cold weather: the crib is no longer on an outside wall between two windows: it is on an inside wall, directly above the heatvent.

But if I had tomorrow off, oh brother: I could pull up the last of the nasturtiums, finish cleaning the very dusty bedroom, sew up the holes in my coat pockets and the button back onto my good coat, and, and, and...

The boy is fine, by the way. He really enjoyed the library.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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