Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Meets the 80s

I stayed home with Donny yesterday. I'm sure he'll be glad to know that I'm going to tell the internets all about his butt. One minute he was fine, the next he had diaper rash that was bad enough to make his Mom call off of work. I'm not sure what was going on but the poor kid had a rough, rough night so he and I stayed home together.

For a boy with a raw butt he was very good company, even if he did eschew his normal nap. No nap for baby meant no down time for Mom and, eventually, we ran out of things to talk about. I had put him in his crib to pace back and forth while I checked email and the like (the office is right next door to the nursery). He fussed so much I ended up bringing him in to sit on my lap at the computer and we ended up watching old music videos on Youtube. I should preface this by saying that, with a lack of any parental intent or design, Donny doesn't watch TV. Our TV only gets two stations (we're too cheap for cable) and the room the TV is in is too cluttered for babies. At any rate, I was really surprised, both in the attention he gave to the videos and also to see what ones he responded to. It all started with David Bowie as yesterday was his birthday. This is the Bowie one Donny seemed to like the most:

I felt very much like an old lady, trying to remember videos (do they even still call them that? Do they even still make them?) and hitting a wall at the end of the 80s. Still, that was a good era for videos, wasn't it? I mean, I remembered a few I thought were at least pretty to look at.

Actually, I take back part of that last self disparaging remark. This is the video Donny liked the most. When Mike got home from work, I made Donny watch it again so Mike could see his reaction and the kid didn't disappoint. Apparently, Christopher Walken is to Babies what Monty Python is to shmugendorks: Hi-LAR-ious.

Donny and Mike just left the house and its not even 7am yet. Mike is taking Donny to a store meeting and then to daycare. Hopefully, all of us will get thru the day and turn up on the other side of the week: Happy Friday, everyone!


alienspice said...

I hope you didn't make the mistake I made of clicking on any recent footage of ole Mac. The years have not treated him well at all, sadly.
At least we have memories.

sharon said...