Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goodbye Old Paint

This is not a picture of our adorable child. This is a picture of our kitchen. Its a very long story but we are FINALLY getting our waterdamaged, dirty, nasty-ass kitchen redone. To give you an indication, we met with the first set of contractors while I was on my maternity leave. After much ado and the threat of a lawsuit it looks like Monday will be the first day of demolition. Goodbye old waterdamaged bulkhead as seen above. Goodbye waterdamaged, ugly ceiling tiles.And and extra special goodbye to you, you nasty brown stove that won't heat up unless one of the burners is going. Of course the downside of all of this is the disruption. Personally, I'd be alright with eating all of my meals out for 2 weeks. However, we have this baby and that's not really going to fly. Plus, he plays in the kitchen alot. This will be a tough one for him to take. Today, for example, was another fingerpaint day as I had decided I was going to give him an apres nap bath. There will be no fingerpainting in anyroom but the kitchen, thank you very much.

So tomorrow, the grocery shopping will consist of paper plates, paper cups and prepackaged, don't need to refrigerate until opened containers of milk. Not very green but we'll make up for it when our new lives commence. Which, of course, will be when the kitchen is done.

We're so close. I can barely stand it.

OH: And I almost forgot. Donny went back to the doctor as his rash was sticking around, which was not consistant with the diagnosis of St. Vitus Dance, I mean, Fifth Disease that he got last week. His regular doctor looked him over and the verdict is: ECZEMA. I was told to get a prescription for hydrocortosone cream and then to "moisturize the heck outta him" in this cold weather. Donovan really doesn't like the hydorcortosone and I don't either--it doesn't really sink in so he looks like he's too drunk of a clown to get all the grease paint off. His skin, tho, looks soooo much better. Par example:

Plus, he's not contagious. That makes for happy daycare teachers.

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