Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Worth the Wait!

I stayed home today while Dave from Molyneaux finished the new kitchen floor. Yesterday he put down the subflooring. I had never seen subflooring before and I was happy that it looked better than the now sub-subfloor. Dave started work at 8am today and did not leave until 7pm tonight. And I don't think he took a break. And, thanks to Dave, here is our fantastic new floor.

We tried to get Donovan to dance on it and he did a few twirls for us but, mostly, he just wanted to throw his fuzzy ladybugs around. Here he is in front of our very large new fridge, holding 2 of said bugs:. In downloading the floor photos, I found a few photos of the new wallpaper we had put up. It's vinyl and it mimics anaglypta, also known as lincrusta. Lincrusta is very much a running joke between Clayton docents of a certain age, myself included, so when the time came for wallpaper, I had to come as close as I could:

It looks a little brown in some of the photos as the paste was still drying. Now its all dry and lovely and waiting to be primed and painted.

Speaking of painting, let's tally up what still needs to happen before the kitchen is done:

* Walls painted
* Big Ikea cabinet with all the drawers put together
* Shelves installed next to cupboard where the old fridge used to be
* Everything put where it belongs.

See? Another 3 years and we'll be DONE!

While Dave was working miracles in the kitchen, I decided it was time to clean the rooms upstairs. I started with my closet and that became an oddly zen journey. First, it took almost all day (am I clothes horse? NO, but there you go). I decided I needed to get rid of what I don't and won't wear--I filled up 5 big paper bags full of clothes and shoes, some dating back to college, if you can imagine. Part of the zen-ness of it was that parenthood has VERY much limited the time I have to shop for clothes, the money available for new clothes and my physical mobility in going to places to look for clothes. Putting all these perfectly good clothes in bags for Goodwill, I'm taking a leap of faith that I will someday own more than 3 pairs of pants I can wear to work. I'm also choosing to believe that, if I'm good and I don't waste money settling for clothes I don't really like, I will eventually get back to a place where I like what I'm wearing just about any day of the week.

The clothes situation is one of those weird things about motherhood that I did not even consider. Which is why I mention it here. In case you were wondering.


alienspice said...

woohoo! lovely floor!
I'm glad it all worked out.
Hey---if you have a place you can store the bags of clothes for about a month, I am seriously going to have a yard sale over here.
I'm thinking a Sunday afternoon after church when there are literally hundreds of people walking around my street. Let me know if you're in!

Amy Grant, Stella Dot, & Lemmy said...

oh Jennie, just think of the coffin-shaped cakes you can make now!