Saturday, May 9, 2009

Much Better, Thank You.

For those of you keeping score at home: today was a much better day than yesterday. First, I wasn't vomiting. Second, the kid was in a good mood ALL DAY. Not saying there wasn't a little bit of crying now and then but the British Police Siren Whine, that I got a break from.

Today was also nice in that Donny and I got to hang out with Lisa and Isabel at the Polish Hill Playground again today. For some reason Donny spent about half of the time there on my lap. He wasn't upset or anything--guess he just wanted some Mamatime. Despite the slow start, it ended up being a day of firsts for the boy: First time going down the big kids slide by himself--and climbing up on his own to do so! First time eating string cheese (note to self: add to grocery list), and first time eating a sucker! The sucker was great because, every now and then, Donovan will clasp his hands behind his back when he walks. Doing that with a sucker stick sticking out of his mouth at a 45 degree angle and he looked like a mini Winston Churchill.

You will note two different references to Donovan eating things. It was a good day on that front and a nice change from yesterday. During this strange sporadic fast, the one thing that Donny has been eating entire servings of is yogurt. And I keep hearing my Dad in my head. My Dad always harbored a great distaste for--and distrust of--yogurt. For one thing, he didn't like how the word "yogurt" was spelled. ANYway, I was talking on the phone with him one day while I was feeding Donny, and when I told Dad what Donny was eating he yelled, "Don't feed him yogurt--you'll turn him into a girl!"

One thing I will miss is my Dad's impeccable comedic timing.


Kelly said...

"Don't feed him yogurt--you'll turn him into a girl!"

Well, maybe but he'll be free of yeast infections, constipation, and osteoporosis. win/win!

Hope said...

We've ALL been there -- the fickle child palate...ah, yes... Jake goes entire weeks at a time eating only chicken nuggets, cheerios, and cheesy noodles (pasta with butter and parmesan).

I sometimes find that going the 'cocktail party" dinner route works well with kids. So I'll give Jake a plate with little piles of goldfish crackers, peanuts, summer sausage, and strawberries to munch on -- and he generally does okay/better than with a proper sit-down dinner.
Go figure.