Friday, May 8, 2009

There are Kids Starving in Africa who would LOVE those Fish Sticks!

I stayed home from work sick today. You don't need any details, trust me.

Now its almost 8pm and I'm upstairs after my husband pretty much demanded me to take a baby break. THE KID WILL. NOT. EAT. And the frustrating pattern is he has a meltdown as soon as we get him home. And the shrieking goes on and on and on. He gets so upset that he can't eat, even tho its obvious that he's hungry.

I think the person feeding him should never be the person who did the actual grocery shopping because each thing he refuses to eat ends up having a dollar sign floating over it as you scrape it into the garbage can. Between the waste of money there's also the waste of time. I make his meals, after all, and damn it, a modicum of thought and work goes into each one. I talked to my Mom today and she suggested I look into some of the "junior" baby food stuff for toddlers. I did and I just could not bring myself to buy that shit for him. Am I being too picky? I've heard of Munchhausen by Proxy--is this Anorexia Nervosa by Proxy?

The good news is it sounds like the shrieking has stopped. Maybe the kid decided the avocado isn'nt poisin after all.


Kelly said...

ugh. yeah, that's no fun. our kid is an okay eater now, but he was a NIGHTMARE for a few years there. I tried a few of those junior meals, too, and he hated those as well. the best thing to do is not to stress too much over it. easier said than done, right? but remember that he will eat at some point. if my kid was having a particularly anorexic day, we would give him some PediaSure which is just like a supplement to make sure he gets some nutrients in him, especially if he's had a total of like one chicken nugget over a period of two days. PediaSure is expensive, though. just a heads up. I'll keep an eye out for coupons, if you're interested.


Thanks for the support and the good suggestion. Knowing how nicely Kingston has turned out despite the starvation tactics give me much hope. And it can't hurt to have some PediaSure around, just in case...

OH: and Happy Mother's Day!

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