Sunday, May 3, 2009

Almost Back to Normal

Today is Sunday and tomorrow is back to work for me and back to daycare for Pneumonia Boy. As I type this, I can hear him fussing to his Dad who is trying to get him to Go. To. SLEEP. Between the traveling to Ohio and the pneumonia, Donny's sleep schedule went all to hell. That's one reason I bundled him up and took him to the playground today:

I felt a little bad because there was a rowdy group of older kids tearing up the joint and he really wanted to play with them. They were'nt bad kids by any means but they were big and rowdy and the thought of Fauntleroy sullying his velvet bodkin [clutches pearls]: Heavens! Joking aside, I did feel bad. I think the kid is a little lonely for other kids so I'm glad the doctor said he could go back to daycare tomorrow.

He had a good time running around and getting all the swings to swing at once. I did'nt get a good photo of that but this will give you an idea:

Before we went to the playground and during Donny's nap, I cleaned out the fridge and found a bowl of sugar cookie dough dating back to before Easter. I had thought I'd be making Easter baskets for everyone and was going to make cookies in the appropriate shapes and colors. I tried to roll out the dough but it had dried out enough that it would'nt hold up for regular sized cookies so I made a handful of tiny ones. I packed some up for the park and Donny had a few of them along with some Ovaltine::

In all the excitement/drama of the past couple weeks, I don't think I got to mention Donovan's 2 year Well Baby Exam Report. His exam was scheduled for the day we were leaving for Elyria as my Dad's funeral was the next day. We decided to keep the appointment and Mike took him in while I got all the packing done. The verdict is we have a good healthy 2 year old on our hands but he has to go back in a month to see if he's gained any weight. Yep: 33 inches tall and he weighs 22 pounds. I feel like the Witch in Hansel and Gretel because my current goal in life is to fatten him up. Hence the Ovaltine as opposed to plain milk (I had a glass myself this morning--it was better than I remember.) It did me good to see him doublefisting his cookies at the playground today

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Julia said...

Opposite problems: Caity is 25th percentile for height and 75th for weight. Basically, I grow them short and round! Glad everyone's feeling better