Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Away from Home

I took off of work today to clean up the Ant Atrocity Exhibition. I also got to fit in some other small cleaning projects that had been bordering on criminal negligence.

In sharp contrast to the messes I cleaned up today, I offer you a few photos I sneakily took on my blackberry when I dropped Donny's stuff off at Waldorf this morning. I usually peek in the classroom when I go in and everyone else is out in the garden. I like seeing the little table set with the flowers and the sweet little wooden toys. Sometimes I wonder if the Waldorf thing is a little bit too precious, if it is'nt akin to forcefeeding someone else's dream of antiquated childhood to modern kids in modern times. Mostly tho I do like it and I think Donovan does as well. When I went in to get him today he was sitting with the other kids eating his snack and all the kids were well behaved and talking and laughing together. And I do believe that surrounding kids with all sorts of beauty is not a luxury but a necessity. When we drop him off in the garden, it makes it easier to leave him there knowing that he'll spend the whole day in a beautiful place with loving people.

Anyhow, for those of you wondering how Donny spends his days: