Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ramping Up

While I type this, Mike is laying down with the boy before putting him in his crib. Its Saturday night, the first night of my "Vacation." I put "Vacation" in quotes because I'm taking the week off as Donovan's daycare is closed for two weeks. I'm doing Week #1 and Mike is doing Week #2. In a way it blows because it would be nice if we could actually all have time off as a family. Still, time off is time off and we do have some things planned. On Monday we are going to go to STORYBOOK FOREST! I'm exceedingly geeked--I love stuff like that. I'm not going to call it kitch because it seems to be such a heartfelt endeavor--I want to show it some love and respect. Tuesday and Wednesday will be just me and the boy and those days are as yet unplanned, which is nice. Thursday will be an adventure of some magnitude as Donny and I are going to take the bus to Elyria. The Greyhound does have a stop in Elyria just a few blocks from my folks' place. The plan is my sister will meet us, pack up the luggage and, since we will be sans carseat, I will pack up the boy in his stroller and walk home. My only concern is that it is a 5 hour bus ride and I'm hoping the kid won't explode. Either that or a Thursday afternoon bus to Elyria will be near empty. I'd settle for either scenario. I'm feeling some apprehension about going home--this will be the first trip back since Dad's funeral--but I absolutely must go. I can't put it off any longer. Mike will come up on Saturday and, most likely, we'll leave on Sunday. I'm hoping the trip will give me a chance to help Mom out around the house a bit but, more importantly, that it will give everyone back home some meaningful babytime.

Tomorrow we are skipping church because my Mom is sending us a piano. She got this bee in her bonnet that she wanted her piano out of her house and that it had to come to Pittsburgh. She priced a few movers and found two guys with an openbed truck and a tarp who are going to drive it here for $250. Personally, I think they are going to dump it off the 4th street bridge and spend the rest of their Sunday drinking $250 worth of beer at The Ely Inn. I hope they prove me wrong. Mike and I have alot of rearranging to do to make room for the damn thing--its not a big piano by any means but here at Maison du Clutter, space is at a premium.

Stay tuned for updates, photos and the like.

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