Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Rosetta Stone?

Donovan has been talking alot more. Not that we've been able to figure out what he's saying, but he's been a classic chatterbox for the past month or so.

Last night I had first shift (as Mike and I call it) and was laying down with the kid in our bed before taking him to his. We were laying in the dark and he was prattling away when I heard him say, "edamame." A lightbulb went off and I realized he was talking about what he'd had for dinner. When I asked what else he'd had he said, "Hmmm...cheese!" Which is true. Once I cracked the code I was able to tease out a number of topics from the babbling, including the fact that he had eaten cookies, he came upstairs with Mama, Daddy was downstairs, he and Mama were in the big bed and Mama had taken her glasses off. After a little while I put him in his crib and he ended up fussing so much that Mike took over. He had the same experience but he noticed that Donny was linking all his thoughts together with, "and then..." which, to me, is super exciting. Actual conversation! Bring it on, kid, bring it on!

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