Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tea Party in the Non Pejorative Sense

Starbucks is problematic in a lot of ways but they do make very nice mugs. A few years ago I fell in love with a set and ran around to the various Oakland/Bloomfield Starbucks snapping them up when they hit the sale table. I ended up with a set of 6 and 3 little tiny ones that came filled with that hard candy no one eats

That should tell you I have a weakness for china and the like. Last year I found a fantastic Lustreware teapot in one of the strange thriftstores around West Penn. I think I got it for $3 or something insane like that.

Today was the day to get them out and have Hot Chocolate with the boy

He wasn't too sure at first--he had a bad hot chocolate experience when he was drinking from a bottle (Physics: not my area of expertise). He finally tried it, tho and then got really into me pouring more for him. I didn't capture it in these photos but the little tiny rim of his cup gave him a fantastic Salvador Dali Hot Chocolate Moustache.

A few cups into our party, he got up from the table, ran out of the room and came back wearing this:
Sometimes you get a little sign that you're raising your kid right.


sheryl said...

I'm so glad GiraffeCow was invited to the tea party! :)

Hope said...

I especially like the touch of having the bottle of Jim Beam in the background! Classic!

Anonymous said...

That is adorable and the dishes are lovely.