Saturday, April 3, 2010


So in getting this entry together I realized I have several key photos on my blackberry that need to end up here so I guess this will be a two parter. The next installment will discuss our rather extended stay in Elyria. For now, here are two rather lame photos of the kid jumping on my Mom's bed:

More on that later.

Today on the kid's actual 3rd birthday, we took the bus to Oakland and then hopped another to Squirrel Hill. The goal was to get an official measurement of the kid's feet at Littles. Of course, I ended up buying shoes for him but, really, I could'nt stand to have him wearing his boots in this weather. And, of course, Birthday Boys get french fries for lunch:

After lunch I thought I'd take the kid to ride the silent carousel at the park in front of the library, once we got off the bus, he made a beeline for the Art Museum. We've got a membership there so I figured, why not? We killed about half an hour there waiting for the Polish Hill 54C and the majority of that time was spent trying to get a photo of the kid to commemorate his third birthday. You will see from the results below that staying still that long was not an option.

Dad brought him a birthday cupcake from work which he, of course, would'nt eat. That is until I suggested we eat it outside. We had a little cake picnic on the porch and he managed to eat about half of it. Obviously Mike and I split the rest.

Tomorrow is Easter at the inlaws so expect more photos. Eventually.

Happy Birthday, Baby D!

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