Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Pitchers

Donovan’s speech therapist said that she’s seen kids mimic their parents by picking up a phone and saying, “Yeah?” As opposed to “Hello?” that is.

I thought of that the day before yesterday as Donovan surprised us by mimicking Mike on two different occasions. First, on our way taking Donny to daycare, we were driving thru Gold Way which is basically an alley. Everyone thinks it’s a secret shortcut but if everyone uses it, its not really a secret. What that means is there is always some jockeying going on as far as who drives and who pulls over to let someone else by. We were at a stopsign with a car in front of us when Donovan said, with the perfect slightly flustered inflection, “Come on, come on!” And then he started laughing. At the end of the day, Mike and Donovan had just finished reading Donny’s bedtime story. That’s my cue to come into the room and turn off the lights. I heard Mike say to Donny, “Why don’t you call Mama now?” And Donny did, but instead of asking for Mama, he yelled, “HEY JEN!!!” And, again, started laughing.

That kid knows exactly what he’s doing. That’s a big part of why its funny…


Hope said...

Thanks hysterically funny! Too cute!

besszilla said...

my niece did that one night when her mom asked her to get her dad, she yelled "hey hon!"