Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy weekend and busy day or so ahead of that!

I was so proud of myself on Thursday--I got some cash money together, grabbed some bags and was all set to go to the Bloomfield Farmer's Market. Too bad there was a church carnival there instead. Mike and I took Donny to ride on some rides there. The cars were a very big hit.

The spinny thing, despite these charming photos, was the opposite of a big hit.
There was much crying during the spinny thing.

On Friday, Jenn and I took the boys to the carnival after daycare. The guy they had working that ride was fantastic. I feel really bad that we did'nt tip him. Donny and Brendan basically made themselves at home on the ride and they pretty much owned it for the first half hour or so.

When a bunch of other kids showed up, I forcibly extracted my child and that's when the heartaches began. On our way off the midway, I dragged Cryer McCriesalot over to one of the many Wheel of Fortune games. This one was for kids and featured cartoon characters. Donny put fifty cents down on Elmo, I put the same on Charlie Brown and, by one tic, Charlie Brown came in! The prizes were a little desultory but the lady who worked the booth was very nice. She gave Donny a huge light up magic wand. He was fully prepared not to like it.

But then, when we missed the bus and had to get dinner at Grinders, he discovered that it lights up.
I have to admit, as far as a carnival geegaw goes, this thing is amazing! Hours of cheap, plastic fun.

The End.

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