Friday, June 18, 2010

Vacation Toddler Style!

Donovan is off from Waldorf this week. Mike took off Monday and Tuesday to be with him and I took off Thursday and Friday. We were bad and both took off Wednesday so we could take him to Kennywood.

When Wednesday rolled around, I wasnt so sure we'd make it--and after seeing the ticket prices online, I was almost convinced that was alright. We had agreed to take him after his nap and while he was sleeping, Mike and I went over the pros and cons. I was finally convinced when Mike said, "Well, if we don't go, we have to do something with him that will blow his mind." That made me think, "Dammit, I took the day off for Kennywood. We are GOING to KENNYWOOD."

Blow his mind we did. And my mind to. Forgive the girlish squealing but Kiddieland is SO CUTE!!! Seriously--some of the older rides I just wanted to put in my pocket or solder onto a charmbracelet.

We finished the night by going to Lost Kennywood. I knew he'd love all the fountains and lights.

I'm very happy we went and I'm very happy that Kennywood is the birthright of my Pittsburgh born son. I would add that, as I am an Ohioan, his dual citizenship entitles him to full rights at Cedar Point as well.

The rest of his/my vacation has been wonderful. We went to Phipps today, took a ride on the Schenley Park Merry Go Round. Yesterday we made birdseed cakes for the Mama Bird, Baby Bird and Papa Bird that have a nest in our Mock Orange (Cardinals! How great is that!), and there's been alot of reading and roughhousing and piano playing.

Looking at this post and the one before it, our lives look like all funnelcake and bumpercars. I should mention we are also trying to fast track the potty training. So far, not so hot. I'll leave out the details since I can't buy you a drink to dull the pain. Also today, Donny and I visited a lady who gives Suzuki method piano lessons. He may be a little young for that but he's going back next week to see. Either way, she said he "has gifts." Now if you'll excuse me, I have to sew some more sequins on his costume and set up some professional head shot appointments....


Karen said...

I will look forward to keeping up with Donny's doings here! He's a very awesome little boy.

We want to get Imogen doing Suzuki violin -- if you happen to know anyone!

Jennie B. said...

I'll try and get you the URLs I used to look up Suzuki Piano teachers. We can compare Suzuki Notes!