Saturday, June 5, 2010

We're Here!/We're Queer!/Oh My God, Its POURING!

Today was one of those days that turned into an endurance test. I gave my first cemetery tour of the season, trusting the rain that came down between 5am and 9am had dried up all the reserves in the sky. Turns out I was wrong so the tour got short real quick. While I was out in the cemetery, Donny had a date with Kirsten at the Squirrel Hill Library and they both had a very good time.

After lunch with Kirsten, Donny and I caught a 54C but it wasnt the one that goes to Polish Hill. My thought was we would get off in Bloomfield, get cookies at Patty Cake and hang out till our bus came. When we got there, tho, there were police cars and barricades everywhere. Turns out that bus was the last one through before they closed off the streets for a Dykes on Bikes parade. It was supposed to start at 2--and it started at 4. In the meantime, Donny was a very good boy. For a kid who was trapped at a busstop for over 2 hours he was funny--he kept pretending to kiss my elbow and saying (inexplicably) "Mama, have a tortilla!"

He actually fell asleep in my arms at one point and, of course, that's when the parade got underway. Turns out it was'nt Dykes on Bikes--I think it was more a young transsexual/transgender pride parade. My guess it there were almost 100 people in it--it was very short but it was great to see. I woke Donny up but he did'nt want to look and he wouldnt clap.
Note the, "Wha? Is it morning?" look on his face.

Of course, once the car at the end drove by us, Donny perked up and said, "I want parade again!" Don't we all, kid, don't we all...

At that point we started to wait for the bus again and the heavens opened. The rain was so hard that you could see sheets of it whipping around.
These photos in no way indicate how intense the weather got. A bus finally came and we got home at 5:00. We had left Squirrel Hill at 1:00.

Once we got home I changed into dry clothes and Donny went straight for the piano. When I came in the front room and laid on the floor, he decided to lay down with his piano.

He played like this for about half an hour.

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