Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Boy Bed

A couple--well, maybe a few--months ago, we bought a toddler bed for Donovan. It sat in its box next to the front door from the day we brought it home. Last night I finally put the damn thing together.

I put it together in the front room, which was'nt very good planning, but Mike brought it upstairs while I was trying to get the kid to nap in our bed. Mike dismantled the crib and set up the bed. While he and Donny went to the playground this afternoon, I gussied it up

Please note the framed prints. Donny is in love with the book Uncle Andy's Cats, and I managed to find a cheapo set of Warhol cat prints on Ebay. Got some frames at Michaels Crafts, et voila! Expect a new paintjob and (hopefully) new carpet soon.

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