Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day One: So Far, So Good

Today was Day #1 of 5 of being home with The Boy. It was also Day One of Potty Training Boot Camp. That went ok but I'll spare you the details.

Because its Potty Training Boot Camp the next five days will be spent close to home. That's fine as it means both saving money and reactivating toys that have been neglected. Today we got out what I call the Architecture Blocks and we made houses. I would set up the base for the four walls and Donovan would take it from there. This one is my favorite of the day:

You'll note below that the horse and the ladybug are having a birthday party in the house. According to Donovan they ate a big red cake. We sang happy birthday to them a few times. Then we knocked down the house, which is obviously how you end any decent birthday party.

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Hope said...

I have the exact same set of blocks for Jake and it was, hands down, the best investment in a toy I have ever made. He loves those things!