Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

So far, the big boy bed experiment is going well. Of course, Donny gets out of his bed to play and walk around his room but he does eventually get back in and fall asleep. We still use the monitor and last night he was singing all sorts of snippets of this and that. At one point, I heard him singing letters but it wasn't the alphabet song. Then I realized he was singing the names of notes. I have no idea if he was singing a C# when he sang "C#" but he was singing them in groups of 3 and 4--Mike confirmed the note groups he was singing were chords. Which just goes to show, you can put the boy to bed but you can't make him stop playing the piano.

And that reminds me: how cool is this? I may just have to do this if there's any lumber left from the new porch we are eventually going to get!

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