Friday, September 7, 2007

Balloons with Slow Leaks

Nina got her sutures out today, thanks in large part to my good buddy, Kirsten, taking the time to drive us out to our vet. Nina was the super-good patient, actually purring and kneading while the nice lady wielded her staple remover. The nice lady in question became the second person in so many days to build up my hopes and then, innocently, deflate them:

NICE LADY: What a good kitty! What was her operation for?
ME: They removed a tumor from her intestine
NICE LADY: She's better now, right?
ME: Well, she's happier. She does have lymphoma, tho.
NICE LADY: [with dismissive wave of staple remover] Oh, there's a cat who comes here who's had lymphoma for four years!
ME: [perking up] Really?!? They told me she had 2 months!
NICE LADY: Its different for all cats. The one I'm talking about responded really well to the treatments.
ME: Oh. We can't afford the treatments
NICE LADY: Well, just love her as much as you can...


Yesterday at Whole Foods a very nice guy who I remember from various LUPEC events was chatting with me and fussing over Donovan. He looked at me very thoughtfully and said, "You look like an actress...You look like an actress..." Folks, you should never follow up that proclamation with a statement that begins "Have you ever seen the John Waters film..." I was really tempted to interrupt him and say, "Uh, that was an actor..."

Donny had a fever last night due to the shots he got at his doctor's visit. I had plans with his Aunt Shirley that included drinks at Kelly's. Even tho he seemed to be feeling better, I had to give her a raincheck as I didn't feel right sending the husband home alone with a potentially fussy baby. Luckily he saved his fussiness till right before bed. Unluckily, that meant I missed out on drinks at Kellys.

Sigh again.

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