Sunday, September 9, 2007

Three Parter

Part 1: Donovan had his first solid food yesterday and, as an experiment it went very well:

The bib is a total prop--my Mom gave it to us and I thought it was great but its more of an antique than anything. Still, great moments call for great fashion.

It was fun feeding him Saturday morning. I wonder how much fun it will be every morning after that for the rest of my life. I should have prefaced that with an aside about how I'm not really a morning person...

Part 2: This is almost a professional story so I'm going to be coy about the names. There is a lady who comes into Mike's store just about every other day. She is an older lady and is related to a family that is a big deal at the University where I work. In fact, there is both a building and a school with her family name. Mike saw her at church today and decided to take Donovan over to meet her. She was quite charmed--and then the projectile vomiting started. It missed her but did manage to get on the photo album from her husband's memorial service. Luckily, that had a vinyl cover on it. I'll need to teach Donovan the profitable vaugaries of University VIP Politics.

Part 3: After church we wanted to take a gift card we got out to a Babies R Us. As the Parkway is under reconstruction, we drove out to Bethel Park. There are some lovely homes in Bethel Park--not Victorian but more that whimiscal take on cottages and castles from the 1920s and 1930s. Maybe that's why people think they can live out there. We got into the strip mall section of the city and--friends, I cannot lie and say I have moral and aesthetic problems with Malls. They're not my favorite thing but whatever. After today tho--whew. I think what made it worse was watching some beefy, 50-60 year old guy with a cigarette in his mouth yelling "SHUT THE HELL UP! YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY!" He was shouting at a crying baby in a carseat. And by baby I mean "baby." If this kid was more than a month old, I would be surprised. I still feel sick and dirty that I did'nt say anything to his stupid bully ass. Doing so probably would have made matters worse but still. I'm starting to realize that having a kid, I have forfeited my comfortable ironic distance.

Babies R Us had a baby food mill but no freezer pack sets. I also got all up in arms about the lack of good boy clothes. I would feel creepy dressing my 5 month old in camo, I hate sports and that leaves puppies and trucks. Sigh.

Oh--did I mention the bully yelling at the baby was doing so in the parking lot of Babies R Us? I think I need some Peptol Bismol...

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