Saturday, September 1, 2007

An Open Letter to Chicago

Dear Chicago,

You are a lovely city. I know we've just met but I can see that you're special. Your lake horizon is beautiful, your architecture is gorgeous, and your citizens are all fashionably dressed. There were times during my visit that I got a whiff of flowers, just a late summer breeze with flowers drifting on it, but it was heady and lush.

But the bottom line, Chicago, is that you are too expensive. Maybe you aren't really but your hotels are. $13.75 for a 2 second phone hook up? I am appalled; APPALLED! All the flowers in the world, wafting or no, cannot make up for the phone bill portion of my hotel bill.

I thought we had something special, Chicago, but you only wanted me for my money. I'm going home to my kid who, luckily, is too young to notice that, for the next three months, his Enfamil is really only going to be Ramen Noodle Water.

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ItWasInevitable said...

Oh no. I fear that may have had something to do with me. My apologies to little D.