Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Childcare Equivalent of Really Wanting a Pony

Mike and I went to an openhouse for the Cyert Center for Early Education on Monday. This is the childcare center that is affiliated at CMU and, as a CMU employee, my son is eligible to attend.

Of course, there's the waiting list. The Two Year waiting list. Plus the price.

We went on a tour with a very nice lady who spoke rather softly. The place, however, did all the speaking it needed to do. It's Stunning: lots of windows, an ART STUDIO for ALL AGES where the kids can come in and get whatever it is they "need." Slide projectors in the infant area to amuse the babies with colored light and shadows, a kitchen where lunch is prepared for everyone everyday. Let not forget the partnership with the Pittsburgh Symphony that brings in French Horn players, violists, and other world class musicians to amuse and educate the kids.

Did I mention that I'm up for review this year? For my job? The job that would qualify my son to go to this well lit, fully equipped, nutritionally balanced wonderland?

Why is everything so loaded with import? Sometimes I miss being negligable.

Please light candles for us getting in. Oh. And for me keeping my job. That too.

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