Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Mike and Donovan and I went to see the Dale Chiluly exhibit at Phipps conservatory tonight. I figured Donny is too young to really take any of it in but he was alert and looking around at everything. A couple of times he actually looked at something and went, "Huh!" in a rather thoughtful manner. Whether he "got it" or not, it was fun being in Phipps at night when it was all dark. The lighting was really wonderful and made everything feel very fairylandesque. You may want to enlarge the picture below to get the full effect:

Sometimes I feel like I'm not being the type of parent I want to be or that we can't give Donny the sort of childhood I want him to have. But then we have nights where its 65 degrees out in February and the local conservatory is filled with colored glass and darkness. And then I think, "Yeah, we can do this the way we want to do this." Not all the time but we can make it count.
Mom's looking a bit lumpy here but I'm willing to post the photo so everyone can enjoy the look on Donny's face. I love that kid.
Ooooooohh, ahhhhhh....